Vandella Roses and Limonium

Ideal for: Thank You, Sympathy, and Everyday

Delivery: Available for nationwide delivery, except in Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

Note: Your flowers will be carefully shipped in a box as a hand bouquet together with a vase. All you have to do is pop it in, add water, and enjoy your signature floral bouquet arrangement for days!

As the eye dances across this masterpiece, a sense of peace and purity envelops the soul, offering solace and tranquility in moments of reflection and sympathy. “Serene Symphony” is not just a bouquet; it’s a timeless expression of love and understanding, a heartfelt gesture to convey deepest condolences or to bring a touch of understated sophistication to any space. Delicately crafted, this stunning floral arrangement boasts creamy white Vandella roses gracefully intertwined with clusters of pristine white limoniums. Each petal whispers tales of elegance and grace, weaving together a harmonious symphony of textures and hues.

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